Select committees, working groups and projects

Arene organizes many different select committees, projects and working groups which main goal is to develop the professional higher education in universities of applied sciences and to create better ways and practices to improve education.

Projects have a project manager and a steering committee. They are mainly funded by the Ministry of Education. The project manager is located in a university of applied sciences and works as a full time project manager. Working groups have a more flexible way of working and there is a named group leader.

The projects function according to their plan accepted by the board and they report to the board regularly.

The members of the different working grous represent expertise from different universities of applied sciences from all over Finland. The institutions themselves can propose candidates and Arene's board then decides the memers of different groups.

Here are the select committees, working groups and current projects and their members (the group chair is in italics):


Select committees


      1.  Education committee

Committees task is clarification of the search items and educational responsibilities and also estimate the implementation and development of educational responsibilities during the year.

Committees chairperson: rector Mervi Vidgrén (Savonia UAS)

Committees members: rector Tapio Huttula (HUMAK UAS), rector Teemu Kokko (Haaga-Helia UAS), rector Jouni Koski (Laurea UAS), rector Riitta Konkola (Metropolia UAS), rector Pertti Puusaari (Häme UAS), rector Vesa Taatila (Turku UAS), vice-rector Päivi Karttunen, Tampere UAS), vice-rector Pekka Auvinen (Karelia UAS), chairman of student affairs network Tapio Rimpioja (Metropolia UAS) and secretary Juha Viitasaari (Arene)


      2. International committee

Committees task is to prepare statements concerning international cooperation of the universities of applied sciences to the board.

Committees chairperson: rector Juha Kämäri (Satakunta UAS)

Committees members: rector Örjan Andersson (Novia UAS), rector Edvard Johansson (Åland UAS), rector Tauno Kekäle (Vaasa UAS), rector Teemu Kokko (Haaga-Helia UAS), rector Tapio Kujala (Diaconia UAS), vice-rector Marjo-Liisa Järvinen (Lahti UAS), manager of international affairs Peter Finell (Certia UAS), vice-rector Jyrki Laitinen (Oulu UAS) and secretary Ari-Pekka Kainu (Satakunta UAS)


      3. Finances, funding and law committee

Committees task is to prepare statements concerning the economical, funding development and reformation of legislation of the universities of applied sciences to the board.

Committees chairperson: rector Tapio Varmola (Seinäjoki UAS)

Committees members: rector Turo Kilpäläinen (Kajaani UAS), rector Markku Lahtinen (Tampere UAS), economic manager Jorma Alkula (Haaga-Helia UAS), rector Martti Lampela (Lapland UAS), rector Heikki Saastamoinen (XAMK UAS), Chefjurist Anna Härmä (Arcada UAS), economic manager Jorma Uusitalo (Metropolia UAS), executive director Riitta Rissanen (Arene) as secretary


      4. RDI

Work group´s task is to follow and estimate progression of RDI- activity in universities of applied sciences, follow work of other RDI- activities and prepare statements to the board concerning RDI- activities.

Committees chairperson: rector Petri Raivo (Karelia UAS)

Committees members: rector Henrik Wolff (Arcada UAS), rector Jussi Halttunen (Jyväskylä UAS), rector Kimmo Himberg (Police University College), rector Edward Johansson (Åland UAS), rector Kari Ristimäki (Centria UAS), rector Jouni Koski (Laurea UAS), Seliina Päällysaho (Seinäjoki UAS), Terhi Laine (diaconia UAS), secretary Anne Ilvonen (Karelia UAS)


Working groups

      Development groups for different fields of study

The task of development group of the different fields of study is to follow developing of working life and education of their own field of study, and participate active in progression of training programme and degree structure. Development group´s task is also to make progression proposals about field of education and educational structure to the board.


  1. Natural recources and the Environment: rector Pertti Puusaari (Häme UAS)
  2. Technology, Transport and shipping: rector Riitta Konkola (Metropolia UAS)
  3. Social Sciences, Administration and Sports: rector Teemu Kokko (Haaga-Helia UAS)
  4. Tourism, Catering and Domestic Services: Jouni Koski (Laurea UAS)
  5. Social Services and Health, Teacher Training: vice-rector Päivi Karttunen (Tampere UAS)
  6. Culture: rector Vesa Taatila (Turku UAS)
  7. Humanities: rector Tapio Huttula (HUMAK UAS)


Arene´s board can name auxiliary members to guarantee a sectoral scope.

Board can also set up other working groups to handle current matters.




      1. RDI-Structural development (RAKE) statement 2016-2017

      Chairperson: rector Petri Raivo (Karelia UAS)

      Project group: rector Tapio Huttula (HUMAK UAS), rector Henrik Wolff (Arcada UAS), Anne Ilvonen (Karelia UAS), President of Arene, rector Tapio Varmola (Seinäjoki UAS), executive director Riitta Rissanen (Arene), secretary Juha Viitasaari (Arene)

      2. Corporate Cooperation Effectiveness statement -cooperation with Suomen Yrittäjät and Universities Finland UNIFI

      3. UAS-Conference 2017 (Kajaani UAS)

      4. Structural development of student selection

      5. Strengthening of digital learning and education in universities of applied sciences


Experts can also work in projects that are approved by Arene´s board. Board can also supplement groups.