The core of Arene operations is higher education policy as well as the promotion and supoort of co-operation between universities of applied sciences. 

Arene participates actively in Finnish and international education policy debates by taking a stand on topical matters and issuing statements. Arene participates in various projects, working groups and advisory boards.

Arene organises various projects and working groups, which serve to realise Arene's operational objectives. These projects and working groups facilitate dialogue among universities of applied sciences and perform development work that serves the entire field of universities of applied sciences. They address sectoral or other issues requiring specialised expertise in order to support Arene in its decision-making. 

Arene promotes co-operation and dialogue between universities of applied sciences. Dialogues are often initiated by Arene seminars and training events, at which topical matters related to universities of applied sciences and education are discussed and ideas on the future of higher education are developed.

In addition to this, co-operation with various stakeholders is an integral part of Arene operations. Arene takes a stand on, comments on and influences the development of universities of applied sciences education and building co-operation between various actors working to develop higher education.

Representatives from Arene or universities of applied sciences also participate in various projects, working groups or advisory boards.