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Master programmes

Master programmes are intended for students who have earned their Bachelor's degrees. Studies prepare students for the gathering and application of research data in work practice and its development. Students who have already earned their Bachelor's degree or other equivalent degree at an institution of higher education and possess at least three years of work experience in the field after graduation are eligible to apply to a Master programme. Although the degree is equivalent to a Master's degree earned at a general university, it has a more practical orientation.


Why a Master's degree?

The workplace is changing at a fast pace, which is why the professional skills and know-how possessed by employees are constantly being subjected to increasingly demanding expectations. Studying for a Master's degree is ideal for someone already in the workforce, as it does not require as much time away from work as full-time study would. Studies are closely linked with the workplace. Instruction is provided by senior teachers who have earned their Doctor's or Licentiate degree and have close connections with the workplace and its development.


Master's degrees and their degree titles in Finnish and international use (PDF)
For additional information on Master's degrees, visit the Ministry of Education and Culture websiteuniversity of applied sciences websites and Master's degree development project websites

The Finnish Parliament website offers additional information on the different phases of the legislative process to standardise Master's degrees earned at universities of applied sciences (under Government Proposal 14/2005).